Many lawyers of 4C ADVISORS have been educated or trained in well-known law schools in the United States, Great Britain and Australia. All senior lawyers have intensive experience working with leading international law firms in Vietnam, including:
 4C ADVISORS, one of the premier law firms in Viet Nam, was founded since 1994 for commitment to prevent, arbitrate disputes amicably, uphold and promote social justice and good by providing all domestic and international clients with the highest level of professional excellence. All for the senior partners of 4C ADVISORS have served as a judge and public prosecutor for over 20 years, known as prominent and most successful lawyers in Viet Nam, while all of its lawyer have amassed a great deal of practical expertise and experience and as a result, been recognized as prominent specialists. In addition the firm always tries to keep its lawyers abreast of the recent development of legal and social environments in all aspects. With the combined legal expertise, experience and efforts, 4C ADVISORS is prepared to offer to the client comprehensive investment consulting and legal service of the highest quality necessary for clients businesses. Our goal is to function as members of client’s management team, working together toward the client’s strategic objectives.
4C ADVISORS is renowned for its philosophy that stresses social duties and responsibilities as lawyers and peacemakers in community. In this regards, 4C ADVISORSemphasize the importance of developing personal and strong relationship with its clients, devoting itself to pro bono work for the society, and maintaining its ethical integrity as a leading investment consulting and law firm in the Vietnamese society. 4C ADVISORS is dedicated to serve all clients for their optimum benefits and will make its best efforts for self-development and performance of its obligation to provide responsible, creative, and sophisticated investment consulting and legal services. 4C ADVISORS’s practice includes:
  • M&A Advising;
  • Foreign Investments Consulting;
  • Foreign Representative Office Set-up Assistance;
  • Intellectual Property Consulting;
  • Legal Advising on Import & Export Related Matters;
  • Legal Advising on Labor and Employment Matters;
  • Legal Advising on Tax Matters;
  • Litigation and Arbitration;
  • Foreign Languages Translation & Notarization;
 Chairman Mr. Ly, Van Vu


Many lawyers of 4C have been educated or trained in in in well known law schools in the in the United States, Great Britain and Australia . All senior lawyers have intensive experience working with leading international law firms in in in in Vietnam, including:

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